Leadership Academy

Phalodi HM Girls Leadership Academy is designed to work with girls at an early age and prevent low self-esteem, substance abuse, gang involvement, teenage pregnancy and other high risk behaviors. Our Leadership Academy offers Peer Counseling for teens ages 11- 21 who have experienced early trauma in their lives. We created the program to help girls become the best version of them selves through workshops and experimental learning activities. Our goal is to enable the girls, to reach their full potential.

neurontin pain relief Topics will include:

•Setting Boundaries

•Building Confidence

•Financial Literacy

•Goal Setting


Jump In

Is an introduction to double Dutch. This club will encourage and motivate tweens to exercise, make healthy choices and put down the electronics. During the spring of 2009 Double Dutch became a varsity sport in New York City public schools. We choose this sport because it requires a lot of self determination, self discipline, and strength to become the best. Double Dutch is very competitive and offers a lot of competition. Just like the real world. The club will meet a couple times per month to practice routines , encourage creativity and promote team work.


•Sense of Rhythm

•Decision Making


She A Gem Original Play @ The Kennedy Center

The HM Girls Club

The HM Girls Club focuses on exploring the DMV area through a variety of creative experiences, including hands – on museums, kid friendly activities and attractions. The young ladies will gather once a month in a large group to participate in HM Girls Club Events.

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Learn how to express yourself through art, photography and other creative outlets

Meet like – minded teens from across Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

Explore the DMV and meet people who live and work here

Plan, design, and create an presentation of your view of your future.

It’s All About Me

It’s all about me is a cosmetology course to promote self-esteem, self image and build confidence. Teens will discuss the physical change that occurs to your hair, nails, and skin doing adolescent years . The course will teach girls how important it is to create a daily skincare routine. Routines are important because it teaches our girls to be better decision makers, efficient and achieve their life goals. Our mission is to help our black girls find their purpose, become future leaders and create the lifestyle of their  DREAM.

•Time Management

•Spiritual Meditation



•Self Love

If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good you do good. George’s St- Pierre

Next Steps…

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